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Kaufmann and colleagues become partners in a national research school on digitalization

The new school provides young researchers with a platform to conduct innovative investigations into the complex interplay of digital, cultural and social change. Digital DNA will contribute.

Photo: open source

PI Kaufmann and her colleagues from the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law have become partners in the Norwegian Research School on Digitalization, Culture and Society (DIGIT). Led by OsloMET, partners from academic and non-academic institutions educate the next generation of researchers on developments in digitalization. The school offers a cross-disciplinary course for 140 students and postdoctoral fellows on the following themes:

(1) Digitalization and working life

(2) Digitalization, security and private life

(3) Digitalization, service provision and public administration,

(4) Digitalization, governance and democracy.

Members of the Digital DNA project will be able to transfer their findings and offer their expertise to the research school through seminars and events. The School has been granted funding by the Research Council of Norway.


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