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How do we think of DNA as information?

Digital DNAs first scientific publication discusses the relationship between DNA and information especially on the backdrop of increasing digitization. The article is open access.


Traces are fundamental vectors of information. This is the first of seven forensic principles formulated by the 2022 Sydney declaration. To better understand the trace as information, this article proposes the notion of in-formation. DNA is matter in becoming. DNA changes as it travels across forensic sites and domains. New formations occur as humans, technologies and DNA interact. Understanding DNA as in-formation is of particular relevance vis-à-vis the increase of algorithmic technologies in the forensic sciences and the rendering of DNA into (big) data. The concept can help identifying, acknowledging and communicating those moments of techno-scientific interaction that require discretion and methodical decisions. It can assist in tracing what form DNA will take and what consequences this may have.


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